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A Second Account

Friday Dec 24, 2021

Too much of a good thing? Never!

I’ve always wanted a second account, but the idea of doubling my monthly fees always held me back. Well, with a ton of money saved during these times of Covid, I said what the hell and made one. More opportunities to level? Oh, darn.

I made some characters, a Warlock (favourite class) and a Priest, with idea of putting a healer/soloist together once they catch up to my other account’s characters. After creation I used my mage to port them to Shattrath. I chose Shat for a couple of reasons. One was that they could start earning rested xp – even though at level 1-3 it’s quick anyway, but hey, it’s fun to turn in a couple quests and ding. Another reason was to act as trader conduits for mage food. Zavee the Mage is at 70 and has all the spells to create the highest end food and drink, as well as lay down a table. I can hop on him, make some food for questing and pass it through the 2nd account to another toon on the 1st account. Quick and easy.

A Time To Dot

After about a month of just sitting and trading I decided to start working on Nmbnutz the Human Warlock while waiting for my remaining 60’s to gain some rested xp. After the obligatory starter zone quests, I headed into Elwynn Forest and was having fun until I came up to Hogger, the Elite first ‘test’ of anyone playing WoW. I logged into my first account, grabbed my mage, and grouped him up with Nmbnutz. Hogger went down in a heartbeat, quest completed. Then it struck me. I’m losing out XP by having the two characters grouped up. So, I dropped the mage out of the group, set him to follow and started pulling with the Warlock, and alt-tabbing to finish off any problematic mobs. The pulls started getting bigger and bigger, loving the instant cast dotting of the Warlock, then quickly switching over to the mage to finish the group with an Arcane Explosion.

That went sort of ok, but the timing was a bit off one time, too late, and Nmbnutz died. Zavee the Mage didn’t have a resurrection and the ghost run was the only option. I thought why not bring someone who can heal and rez? I looked at the options, and figured my druid would be the best choice, with the abundance of hots and also some offensive if so required. That worked out much better, and with the help of a few easy macros to follow and cast a heal, the progress was quick. Soon after I was into a very easy routine of dotting up groups of mobs with my imp helping, and quickly alt-tabbing over to the druid for a couple of heal over time spells (hots), then back to finish off the mobs on the Warlock.

Elwynn, Westfall, Redridge, Darkshire and The Wetlands soon succumbed to the awesome Warlock-Druid combination. The action is non-stop, as the Life Tap aided by hots enabled the combo to never once drink for mana.

Instances? You Bet!

There have been some good runs through Deadmines and The Stockades, banging out both quests and getting some nice gear along the way. After mailing low level greens back and forth a few times, I decided to hell with it and started levelling Enchanting on Nmbnutz. The rough parts where mats are fairly intensive will be greatly smoothed out by farming them on the level 70 characters with Nmbnutz along to soak up the xp.

At first, I thought it would be a pain in the rump, switching back and forth. Quickly though, I’ve gotten into the routine of alt-tabbing quickly back and forth, applying the hots and snapping back to the Warlock to finish off mobs and loot. Nmbnutz just hit 30 and got his mount, and even mounting/following is macro’d so that it’s a quick click and both are ready to go. I’m paying attention to my levelling time, and it’s shortened it by at least 25%. Fun stuff.

Scarlet Monastery is up next and looking forward to blasting through those and enjoying the drops and enchanting mats from there. It just re-affirms each and every time how enjoyable this game is, even without Raiding and PvP’ing at all.


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